Incoming Student Info

Who can be seen at the Health Center?

The health center sees all TCU students, regardless of insurance. You do not have to be on the TCU health insurance plan.

What about cost/insurance?

  • The health center does not bill insurance but there is no charge for an office visit to see a doctor or nurse.
  • We do charge for supplies, medications, in house tests, labs and immunizations. These charges go on your student’s account.
  • If you have the TCU student health insurance plan, all health center charges are covered and there is no bill.
  • Health insurance is required to be carried by all students. Note that Kaiser Permanente plans, Christian ministries and emergency/urgent only coverage do not qualify as health insurance.
  • Students who do not wish to carry the student health insurance plan must waive the plan by submitting comparable coverage to our broker. Read more on the Health Insurance page.

How do I get medical care at the Health Center?

  • Students are seen at the health center by appointment.
  • Students can call or walk in to make an appointment. If a student walks in without an appointment, they will always be triaged by a nurse.
  • There is an after hours nurse line. If a student calls the health center when we are closed, they can speak to a nurse and get advice. The health center follows up on all after hours calls.

What are the immunization requirements?

  • Required immunizations include 2 doses of MMR and the Meningitis ACYW vaccine.
  • Students must upload their immunizations in their health portal prior to registering for classes.
  • Read more on the Health Requirements page.

What else do I need to know as a new student?

  • The health center has 2 psychiatric providers: one psychiatrist and one psychiatric nurse practitioner. They work on a referral basis.
  • There is an independent pharmacy at the health center. The pharmacist accepts most insurance plans.
  • The TCU pharmacy is able to fill both in state and out of state stimulant medications for ADD. You are advised to keep the current doctor who is prescribing stimulants, as the health center doctors do not.
  • Once a student turns 18, all medical information is confidential. We need the students permission (verbal or written) to speak to parents. There is no blanket release of information, we treat each visit for a new problem independently