TCU Offered 2017-2018 Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan

To view the insurance plan details, visit the Plan Details page.

TCU Aetna Student Health Insurance is available to all currently enrolled, degree seeking students.  The 2017-2018 insurance plan is $1,015 per semester.

All TCU undergraduate students registered for 9 or more hours are required to carry health insurance.  This requirement is met by having either the TCU Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan or a family/individual plan that provides coverage comparable to the TCU Plan and remains in effect throughout the 2017-2018 academic year.

Undergraduates with fewer than 9 hours AND Graduate students have the option of electing the TCU Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan.

International students, regardless of classification, are required to carry the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan as a minimum standard of coverage.


Consider the Following When Deciding on Insurance!

Does your current plan provide for medically-necessary care anywhere in the U.S. in addition to the TCU Health Center?

As a major medical, comprehensive plan, the Aetna Student Health Insurance provides benefits for illnesses, injuries, and routine health care both on and off campus throughout the U.S.  In fact, worldwide benefits are provided for students studying abroad or traveling outside of the U.S.

When treated at the AAAHC accredited TCU Health Center, services such as x-rays, lab tests, dressings, GYN exams & Pap Smears, EKGs, orthopedic supplies, and immunizations are covered at 100% for students carrying the Aetna Student Health Insurance.

The TCU Health Center will file a claim with the Aetna Student Health Insurance for non-prescription services. The Health Center will NOT file a claim with any private health insurance company.

Does your current plan include prescription coverage?

Covered prescriptions written by a Health Center provider and filled at the TCU Health Center Pharmacy may be eligible for an 80% reimbursement by submitting a claim and receipt to Aetna Student Health. Covered prescriptions filled elsewhere may be eligible for a 70% reimbursement. In either case, the $350 deductible must be met. Contraceptive Drugs are reimbursed at 100%.


What is your current deductible?

The in-network deductible on the TCU Plan is $350 per Plan Year with an 80/20 benefit; out-of-network is $600 per Plan Year with a 70/30 benefit.


Does your current plan cover medical treatment while traveling away from home or studying abroad?

The TCU Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan includes Travel Assistance Services as well as, if needed, Emergency Medical, Political, and Natural Disaster Evacuation.


____________Use the following graph to compare insurance options.___________  

                                                       TCU Student Health                  Family/Individual

________________________________Insurance Plan_______________COBRA____

Annual Premium____________________$2,030.00___________________________

Annual deductible –

Preferred Care_______________________$350.00___________________________

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

Preferred Care______________________$4,600.00___________________________

Out of area costs_______________N/A-National PPO_________________________

Preferred Care


Medical Care at Brown

Lupton Health Center_________________100%_____________________________

Prescriptions at Brown

Lupton Health Center__________________80%_____________________________

Prescriptions outside of

Brown Lupton________________________70%_____________________________

Medical Evacuation/


Family Reunion Coverage_________Unlimited____________________________