Fall 2020 FAQs

Will the Health Center be open this fall?

The Health Center will be open 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. You can speak to a nurse after hours or on weekends if you call the health center number 817-257-7940. We will continue to offer the same services as always, including in-house pharmacy, dietician, allergy shots, and immunizations. See our website for a full list of our services https://healthcenter.tcu.edu/.

How do students get an appointment at the Health Center?

This fall, you must call to make an appointment. You will need to make an appointment to enter the building for a doctor or nurse visit, immunizations, or lab work. You do not need an appointment to use the pharmacy, but you will be required to call in when you reach the front door so we can let you in. Please remember to bring your phone to your health center visit. We will also have the ability to do telehealth visits if appropriate for your care. Remember, face coverings are required.

How will the Health Center keep students from being exposed to COVID-19 patients?

Starting in August, the Health Center will have two distinct wings with separate airflow systems and entrances. When you call for your appointment, you will be directed to the appropriate wing. We intend to limit exposure of sick to not sick students as much as possible.

What does it mean if students are asked to quarantine?

Quarantine is an enhanced state of self-monitoring that includes more deliberate physical distancing. You will be asked to quarantine either because you spent significant time with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 but are not yet positive. You will quarantine primarily in your room or apartment. You will be asked to increase your vigilance with hand hygiene and face coverings.

If asked to quarantine, you may only leave your room or apartment for outside exercise and to pick up to-go food. You may not attend in-person classes; instead, your instructors will move you to an online format. Anytime you leave your room you are expected to maintain 6 feet of physical distance from anyone and wear face coverings. You may not attend meetings or spend time with anyone outside your immediate roommate(s). If possible, you should have exclusive use of a restroom or clean carefully after use.

TCU will provide services to you during this time including notifying and communicating with your professors, telehealth outreach by the Health Center, virtual counseling by the Counseling Center, and coordination by a Care Coordinator.

What does it mean if students are asked to isolate?

Isolation is an enhanced version of quarantine. You will be asked to isolate when you are have tested positive for COVID-19, or your healthcare provider is certain that you will test positive. You may not leave your room or apartment, and you must have exclusive use of a restroom. If you are an on-campus resident living in a room that does not provide you exclusive use of a restroom, you will be temporarily moved to a space that provides you this option. If you are a resident student, TCU will deliver meals to you during isolation.

For off-campus students, you should plan for how you will manage your apartment or house if a roommate or roommates get sick and requires isolation. Please plan for ways to provide your isolated roommate meals and other necessities. If you live off-campus, TCU will not be able to provide temporary on-campus housing for ill students or the roommates of ill students.

Can students return to their families home if they are asked to quarantine or isolate?

This is a decision you must make with your family. Obviously, you shouldn’t fly if you are COVID-19 positive or symptomatic, but driving may be an option. Since you can take classes remotely, being home may be the best place for you to recover. Please notify your Care Coordinator that you are quarantining or isolating at a family member’s home so we know how to best help you. We can provide the same telehealth, tele-counseling (with limitations if you leave Texas), and virtual support services at home.

What is contact tracing and when would contact tracers call students?

Contact tracing is a public health initiative designed to slow the spread of any disease, in this instance, COVID-19. A contract tracer works with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 (or someone who is likely to be COVID-19 positive) to gather the names, numbers, and locations visited during the 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms. The tracer will then contact those people to inform them that they have been exposed and that they should enhance their self-monitoring for symptoms, and get tested.  In some cases, if the exposure was so significant, the contact tracer, on behalf of a medical provider, will instruct you to start the quarantine process.

The questions asked by the contact tracer are used only to help prevent the spread of the disease. We will not use this information to get you or anyone with whom you have had contact, in trouble. The COVID-19 pandemic is an urgent health issue; our goal is to help limit the impact of this disease on campus and Fort Worth. Please be cooperative and forthcoming if contacted by a Contact Tracer.

How do students get on-campus medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The TCU Health Center is open and treating students. We ask that you contact the Health Center at 817-257-7940 before showing up at the clinic. The Health Center was redesigned and renovated this summer to provide a space for patients we suspect might have COVID-19. During your call, you will be instructed to use different doors depending on your issues/symptoms. TCU medical providers will provide telehealth consultations if you are unable to come to the clinic.

TCU is partnering with University Urgent Care for after-hours and weekend care. The staff at University Urgent Care will communicate with TCU health care providers (with your permission) so that the TCU Health Center is aware of your illness or concerns. University Urgent Care is located at 3107 Greene Ave. and can be reached by calling 817-439-9539.

Can TCU test for COVID-19?

Yes, the Health Center will have several options for in-house testing for COVID-19 (nasal swab). We can also order a send-out COVID test as well as send-out antibody testing (blood test).

Will students be able to get face coverings at the health center?

No, however, if you arrive without a face covering for an appointment you will be provided one. The Health Center will not be selling face coverings or giving out more than one per student.

Why does TCU require face coverings?

The CDC recommends that everyone wear face coverings when in public. Wearing a face covering prevents you from inadvertently infecting someone else if you are asymptomatic and COVID-19 positive. If everyone is wearing a face covering, the spread of the disease is reduced significantly. Even though we have redesigned the seating in the classrooms and other public spaces, face coverings are still necessary to provide the safest experience possible.

Will Campus Life offer in-person meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Campus Life will offer virtual meetings (Zoom), in-person meetings, and telephone calls to meet the needs of students. Please call 817-257-7926 to arrange whichever meeting is most useful to you. We ask that you not visit the office if you are ill or symptomatic.