Am I going to see a real doctor?

Yes. Our medical staff is comprised of board-certified medical doctors.

Can I get a note for missing class?

The Health Center can provide a proof of visit, but does not have the authority to excuse missed classes, examinations, or assignment deadlines. Students are encouraged to communicate directly with their professors if their health will affect their schoolwork. The TCU Code of Conduct states,

When a student misses class for any reason other than an Official University Absence, the student is expected to follow the instructor’s policy as stated in the course syllabus. The student should contact his/her instructor as soon as possible after he/she knows the absence will occur or has occurred. If the cause of the absence is an illness, accident, or family emergency, each instructor should assist the student to make up any missed work.

Do I have to make an appointment?

The TCU Health Center is a primary care clinic. Appointments can be made by calling or visiting the Health Center. Walk-in patients will be assessed by a triage nurse to determine their medical needs. The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner practices by appointment only.

Why can’t I make an appointment online?

The TCU Health Center operates as a triage clinic. Every student, whether they call in or walk in, speaks with a nurse to assess the urgency of their wounds or illnesses. Requesting an appointment online removes the vital role of the triage nurse. If you are unable to make an appointment by phone, please walk in to the clinic. You will be seen and directed to the appropriate level of care, free of charge.

I have a sick non-TCU-student friend.  Can I bring him/her to the Health Center to be seen by a doctor?

No. The Health Center facilities and services are only available to TCU students.  Non-students will need to visit an outside health care provider or urgent care center.


Will my parents have access to my health records at the TCU Health Center?

That’s up to you. At age 18, your medical records cannot be released to anyone without your permission, including your parents.  Confidentiality is a priority for the Health Center. Medical records are strictly confidential and are only accessible to Health Center staff. Medical information will only be released with your written permission except in cases specified by law.

If you would like to release your medical information (or obtain medical information from another medical office) you will need to sign a Medical Record Release of Information Form .


Can my home doctor call in a prescription to the TCU Pharmacy or transfer a prescription to the TCU Pharmacy?

Your private Health Care provider may call in or fax a prescription to the TCU Pharmacy.  You may also transfer a prescription from another pharmacy to the TCU Pharmacy.  Visit TCU Pharmacy for more information.

Will the TCU Pharmacy accept my prescription card?

The TCU Pharmacy accepts most insurance pharmacy cards.  Please present your card to the pharmacist when filling a prescription.  You may call the TCU Pharmacy to see if they honor your prescription insurance.  If your insurance is accepted at the TCU Pharmacy, your TCU account will be billed for only the co-pay amount.  If you do not provide proof of prescription insurance at the time you pick up your medication you will be billed for the full amount of the prescription.  If you would like to pay for your prescription or over the counter medications, you may do so at the TCU Health Center front desk on the day of service.

Does the TCU Aetna Student Insurance Plan cover prescriptions?

Yes, the student health insurance plan offers a prescription drug program through Aetna to make it convenient for you to fill your prescriptions. When filling at an in-network pharmacy, there is no claim form to submit when you present your identification card (available on the Aetna Student Health website). At other pharmacies, you will need to pay in full and submit a claim. For more information, visit the Prescriptions Page on the Aetna Student Health website.

Will you bill my private insurance company for any charges incurred at the Health Center?

There is no charge to be seen by a Health Care Provider.  Services such as laboratory tests, x-rays, dressings, immunizations and prescriptions are provided for a fee.  The charges associated with these services can be paid for by check or cash at the time of service or billed to your student account. The Health Center does not bill private insurance. We can provide you with an itemized statement so you can file a claim for reimbursement from your private health insurance company.

If a student is referred to a specialist or hospital, costs of these services are solely the responsibility of the students. This includes transportation by ambulance, if required.

If I have the student health insurance, do I have to file a claim for services received at the Health Center?

You do not have to file a claim for services received at the Health Center if you have the student health insurance.  Charges will be covered at 100%.  This includes labs, x-rays, GYN exams and other services. This does not include prescription expenses.  You will need to file a claim for prescriptions obtained at the TCU Pharmacy.

You will also need to file a claim form for prescriptions filled at any pharmacy by sending in a claim form with a copy of your receipt. For information on how to fill out a claim form you may visit the Health Center or call the office at 817-257-7940.
Costs of services provided to students referred to other specialists or hospitals are the responsibility of the students. This includes transportation by ambulance, if required.  You will need to submit a copy of your insurance card to the provider.